Keeping up with Good Intentions

So I want to lose weight and get a bit more healthy..I need to exercise everyday and watch what I eat.
The goal is to lose 3 stone and get back some muscle tone.

The trick is keeping going.

I can’t afford to buy calorie-counted meals for 2 (or 3) so to work out how much I’m consuming each day I need to weigh up portions – so yeah – me actually weighing food? Is that how this works, I have to manage each and every meal with scales and make a big fuss about eating.? I don’t want to become paranoid and obsessive about eating but it feels inevitable.

As for exercise- well I don’t feel in as much danger of getting paranoid about it – but I really need to find my motivation. Just finding the energy and commitment to add those 20 odd minutes a day seems overwhelming. How do I get myself to DO something even if its just dressing and going for a walk?

Must try harder..
So Joined a group to record my progress and working on recruiting friends to kick my backside. Wish me luck


2 thoughts on “Keeping up with Good Intentions

  1. Wishing you luck.. I struggle with motivation too. You are definitely not alone. If I just try to take things one change at a time, I do a lot better. Trying to focus on everything at once is a little too overwhelming for me. Wishing you the very best. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thankyou
      I agree that trying to do too much at once is especially daunting.
      At the moment I am trying not to focus too much on the numbers and rather more on the getting into good habits – but that is definitely harder when the self-esteem has taken a bit of a nose-dive. Still we’ll get there
      Wishing you some extra motivation of your own!

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