Falling off a bridge ain’t as easy as it looks

A 60 year old woman has been seriously injured near where I live after falling from a railway bridge and hitting/being hit by a train.
I hope she recovers well..

But I have to ask how did she fall?

I have stood on that bridge many times – the wall rises at least above my waist with spikes across the top.

I sat on that wall once, wondering what falling would feel like, wondering what hitting the ground would feel like and whether I’d miss the tracks (don’t want to traumatise some poor train driver by flashing before his eyes..), comforted by knowing I had that power over myself.
I remember the conversation with the complete stranger who wanted to be sure I wouldn’t jump – I remember knowing that I wouldn’t and wishing I could..

So I wonder how did she manage, this 60 year old woman, to fall over the edge? Was she leaning out looking for the train like a schoolchild trying to wave at the driver in the one spot where there isn’t a spike? Or was she sat on the top swinging her legs like a teenager waiting for a kiss? The police say they aren’t treating it as suspicious and I take it that they mean they don’t think she was pushed..
But I hope she recovers well.

Any Thoughts?

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