Happy Anniversay!

Happy Anniversary Mrs Ulf.

Nine years ago (31st Oct 2002) W & I had a handfasting ceremony in a local graveyard. I remember writing our vows together and gathering a few friends and some whiskey to hear us be joined together – I confess that some of the details now seem hazy – but I know now as then that I want to spend my life with this woman.

Beloved Wife, you give me a reason to get up every morning. I trust you to lift me up and to offer me hope.  I know that you and I can build a whole life and family together; everyday we make this marriage a little better and I am proud to be at your side. Proud even when your mother grinds you down, proud even when you are frightened of the repercussions of holding my hand in the street. You make me feel great and I think you are great. we have worked for this.

In related thoughts.. I wonder what would happen to our family if we had children. Discuss.



Any Thoughts?

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