Collating and editing

56,000 words, 124 pages
(or 65,000 & 143 incl. contents, biblio & footnotes – thats 5,000 words worth of footnotes!)

Today I put a whole load of words into one document to send to my supervisors; I updated the Contents in order to reflect the actual shape of the thesis and I started again with the editing and shifting process in Chapter 4. I know realistically I am putting off writing the summary of the chapter out of a fear of how weak my conclusions sound. On the other hand it is always good to try to draw together threads and themes in a way that can only really work when you address the organisation of the whole.

So where am I at in terms of progress?
Introduction: More or less complete 1,500
Chapter 1: Essentially rejected as solely in note form  approx 10,000 – not incl. in above word count – projected length c. 15,000
Chapter 2: Perhaps two-thirds written. Needs extension on Strabo, revision of Pliny and opening sections, and summary  – currently approx 20,000 words – projected 25-30,000
Chapter 3: Two-thirds written. Needs extension of commentary on Copeland Borlase, Hitchins and Drew, Whitaker’s supplement to Polwhele, the early academic theorists. Also Summary to write. Currently 25,000 words – projected 30-40,000!
Chapter 4: Three quarters done? Summary to write and overall editing.. currently 15,000 – projected c. 18-20,000
Chapter 5: Nil

At the moment it looks like it might be a touch on the long side if I include what I expect to… Still better to be cutting than frantically pushing to reach the lower limits.
Time-wise I am still moving too slowly though.

So back to the grind



Any Thoughts?

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