Stout #2

CAMRA has this to say:
Porter & Stout
Look for profound dark and roasted malt character with raisin and sultana fruit, espresso or cappuccino coffee, liquorice and molasses, all underscored by hefty hop bitterness. Porters are complex in flavour, range from 4% to 6.5% and are typically black or dark brown; the darkness comes from the use of dark malts unlike stouts which use roasted malted barley. Stouts can be dry or sweet and range from 4% to 8% ABV.

I grew up on best bitters; draught Bass, Redruth original, Sharps’ Doom Bar…my first forays into Stout were to the realms of Murphy’s and though perhaps it wasn’t love at first sip there were certainly tinges of lust. Once I was of legal drinking age, had cash to spend and a wider range of pubs and beers to choose from I began to refine my tastes.

Honourable mentions must go to:

  • Dark Star: Espresso Stout,
  • College Green: Molly’s Chocolate Stout
  • Grand Union: Stout (Brewery now defunct)
  • Dwan: An Dubhain (also defunct)
  • Brewdog: Paradox Arran
  • Isle of Skye: Black Cuillen

So what are you drinking?


Any Thoughts?

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