Things I have Learnt about Food (since starting a diet)

So dieting… This is a new and ‘wonderous’ journey for me – my first ever experience of calorie counting and nutrition- bagging

I have discovered that staying under the daily recommended fat intake is easy, disturbingly easy unless you I dunno eat loads of crisps or go to Wetherspoons all the time.
On the other hand most of the carbohydrates I consume come from beer despite my worries about bread etc.
In terms of satisfying a craving I am better off choosing biscuits than crisps -not that this would necessarily be true for all biscuits or biscuit-eaters, but since I get the same hit off a couple off a couple of oat bikkies as a pack of Walkers for half the calories..

Most importantly..although tracking my food has meant caution on the calories..I am not eating or drinking significantly more than a few years ago which means the key issue is less exercise.

Sadly I fear the combination of stepping down to part-time work in favour of my thesis, moving to a house that’s not as convenient/safe to walk to and from work and the problems with chronic pain have added up to seriously compromising my fitness and that is really where my efforts need to lie.


Must work harder



Any Thoughts?

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