Being Involved.

Today I have seen my supervisor L & been to the library, but the key aim was to spend some time being part of the research community.

As a part-time learner, living 2 hours from campus, I don’t see much of the community but I still feel I ought to try and be involved. So today I took part in the college post-grad researcher staff-student liaison committee and gave an interview about the use of digital tools in research.

I was part of departmental SSLC as an undergrad but haven’t got involved since. It is difficult to feel like a representative so far removed from other people but in its way that separation is an important thing to represent too. We talked about induction and resources etc..
The interview is part of a project being part-funded by JISC at the university about encouraging research involvement with resources.  I agreed to discuss my experiences of mind-mapping, RSS and academic focused- social networking which was both a good experience for me to assess what uses I put my computer to and hopefully encourage other people. More info when I have slept..



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