Days and Longer Days

Haven’t been writing for a couple of days..

So mostly there has been a weekend – largely full of working and food. Saturday late start with friday’s rather lovely left-overs and then to work and and an absolutely fantastic meal from my beautiful wife. Sunday early to work then a booze run and dinner from my boy.

My beautiful Girl cooked food from an improvised “ready steady cook” gourmet bag – tilapia fillets, oranges, spring onions, brown rice and chilli peppers plus whatever was in the cupboards. The fish was cooked in a carribean spiced style, the rice became mushroom risotto with fish stock and a side of orange salad. It was beautiful and lasted through lunch on sunday.
On the Sunday B made all of us a roast dinner. Lamb, lots of veg and good gravy. It was nice to be treated to good food and though the calorie count wasn’t low there was plenty of veg and very little fat which really helps. I am a very lucky girl.

Today on the other hand was hard; I had to go to uni for some meetings all in all a 10.5 hour round trip plus M is struggling at the moment; a combination of family woes and work pressure…anyway she needs a break and better drugs. It would be good if her colleagues could just give her a little support
I am looking forward to bed!



Any Thoughts?

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