Going on holiday is a good thing right?

Shame it is such hard work – organising, packing and reassuring W that everything will not fall apart if we go away. Checking over and over again that nothing is forgotten; being sure we have the means and methods to deal with changes or problems arising at home, or work or with her parents
I wish that I could give her strength to feel that she has a real chance to relax; to not have to be constantly on guard. We are going to let the sea air wash away the days and the over-crowded thoughts and just enjoy spending hours in each other’s company…
I will confess that this feels like a real treat for me. We are going to be by the sea, in an area I love and I get to have my loved ones at my side. I feel selfish for wanting that closeness and lucky to have a chance to enjoy it.


Any Thoughts?

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