Sowhere am I at right now?

I have been trying to manage my weight for about a month now and have lost…wait for it 6lbs  – that’s right, not even half a stone of the 3 I want to lose. I know I haven’t been doing as much exercise as I should and I am really fighting myself.

It is also nearly a month since I quit my anti-depressants cold-turkey. Whilst I realise it was probably a dumb thing to do, I don’t regret it. My appetite has gone back down to more normal levels and since the mirtaapine stopped working I haven’t noticed much of a change in my sleep patterns. Since this is the first time I have been med free in 18months or so I’m trying to notice how I actually feel – I’m more irritable, snappy and anxious; not sure if I am more miserable, I’m at a semi-comfortable base-line right now but I have been crying more (otoh W thinks I seem more down). Hard to tell when you have lived this way for a long time..
In a few more weeks I will be able to have another chat with my GP about where to go next. I have applied for more counselling with the local Talking Therapies team but haven’t had a response yet – I am probably low-priority having been seen before. GP wants to know if I want to try Sertraline or a Psychiatrist next.. so what do we think folks?
Shoulder-wise the cold weather has really settled into my bones and it would be fair to say I’m in pain most of the time. c’est la vie. More co-codamol it will have to be and maybe I will think about sleeping pills so it stops waking me up in the night.

Have finished the corrections my supervisors gave me for chapters 3 & 4; so my next challenge is to strengthen chapter 4 conclusions (a never-ending task methinks) and write Chapter 5 – The Conclusion! I am determined to have it done before the mrs and I go on hols in Jan. It terrifies me almost as much as rewriting my literature review but needs must – a thesis without a conclusion is rather pointless.

As far as the 3 of us are doing – I think we are pretty stable and comfortable right now.
So all-in-all we are doing ok peeps. One day at a time.


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