On We Go

Pretty nearly time to start a New Year so it must be time to get on with the process of setting goals for myself.
I am aiming for a combination of physical, mental, emotional and domestic goals and a mix of fixed points and regular targets…Although I know that I am potentially setting myself up for failure and self-criticism, without something to move towards there is no way of knowing if I am making progress.
In no particular order then..


  • Lose 1-2 Stone
  • Create (and stick-to @ least 4 days a week) a daily exercise routine that incorporates both shoulder physio and some muscle toning (pilates/yoga & weights?)
  • Walk at least either 1 Munro or 1 Alpine 4000;


  • Submit! 
  • Write, deliver & publish my conference paper


  • Commit to another round of counselling (as booked through Talking Therapies) and/or psychiatrist
  • Take 1 week off each with W & B and ideally 1 week with both together
  • Get my F***ing sleep pattern under control.
  • Make sure my weekly time routine is balanced for all involved


  • Puppy!
  • Actually successfully grow some vegetables…
  • Finish the painting
  • Celebrate mine & W’s 10th Anniversary

Thats all I can think of for now and I think it will do.
Wish me luck

3 thoughts on “On We Go

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