Being Busy

After New Year I have spent the week tidying and working and organising and negelcting writing – and I am about to not write some more whilst I go on holiday with my wife.
The plan is that after spending Christmas with my parents and New Year with B, I will spend a week enjoying the company of W away from out commitments and fears.

Tomorrow, she and I will head off – she will be aiming to get all the coursework marked and to spend time with me pottering, relaxing and looking at the sites. My plan is to dedicate a little time to PhD, spend a little time to trying to get an exercise routine going  and relax.
At the moment I fel like I can’t plan routines for 2012 or really diet etc until this hol is over.. I want to do lots this year and I am struggling already. gah

Also please will someone tell my joints to pack it in. This is really very uncomfortable!


Any Thoughts?

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