It would be fair to say things haven’t started to well this year.

B was burgled, W continues to struggle with her demented grandfather and her family’s other health issues, and my baby sister has been sexually assaulted in a foreign country.
I feel useless, helpless and otherwise crappy – but you know what, other people aren’t the be all and end all of our lives. Sometimes all we have is tomorrow, so lets make it a good’un.

There is still a lot of 2012 for me to get fitter and healthier and to take care of people and be there when they need me so here I am.
I hurt physically and mentally, and I want to make sure my GP pays attention – but more importantly I want to make a difference for those who struggle everyday; I will not let fibromyalgia and cfs disappear this year and I shall try to campaign where I know others are trying to get by, I want to be a voice for those who are too busy living to acknowledge the stigma of mental illness diagnoses. I want to make a difference for those I care about.

I promise that I will try to make you feel safe again sister mine. I know that in our 20s I cant be at your side to take away the horrors of those who would hurt you any more- but I wish I could- I am not abandoning you; Call me and I will be there no matter what. xxxx

Please wish me luck, and strength and keep pushing me when I want to give up because I know I just need that impetus in the dark – I will make someone’s life a little easier with your help.

Don’t let me sink into self-pity, don’t let the voices in my head and the pain in my joints win, don’t let the hurt and the tired and the aching bitterness get the better of me.

Hold on and fight with me
Love you all

Any Thoughts?

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