Dust yourself off

Memo: You will fall down, you will hit the lows again and the people you love will still hold on. So pick yourself up and dust yourself off all over again…

So today.. once I actually hauled myself out of bed, I wrote some notes and went to B’s to do some cleaning.
I find cleaning quite therapeutic in a general sense; minimal thinking and visible results. B is atrocious at getting round to doing his housework if he is feeling down so he is incentivising me to get out of bed with cash.. and getting his house kept under control. Mind you I do feel like I am not keeping our house clean and tidy enough. Books gather dust like crazy and I know I ought to move more of the junk to keep things tidier. Always more to do to be a good housewife..

In other news I think I am probably procrastinating a bit too much PhD-wise. I need to have a draft of the first chapter done by the end of this month and currently I am mostly going through comments. ugh.


Any Thoughts?

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