Its quite cold here in the UK and much of the British Isles have been hit with snow – and we have gone crazy.

Despite having has snow over quite a lot of the country for the past two winters and despite the fact that compared to Eastern Europe we are basking in a glow of warmth  the extra few degrees below average have led to a veritable storm of collective muttering about the chill. My facebook pages are full of people complaining about how cold they are and watching the rugby today meant enduring a barrage of cold related jokes and metaphors from the commentators and pundits.
But what is really driving me mad is not the complaints and the shivering (after all I think its cold enough to turn the heating up..) but the reacion to the snow, which is twofold. Firstly there are the gripers – the people who immediately see the failings of their local council/transport agency/hospital etc. in dealing with this admittedly forseeable event. Secondly there are the born-again teenagers – adults whooping in delight and rushing to have snowball fights thoughtless to the perils and boredom of others. Is there no middle ground?

I agree that as it falls and blankets the world there is something magical about snow. Its quietening, softening and hiding effects bring a charm and I’m all for some sledging and snowmen and tumbling round in the park but do you have to attack complete strangers in the street or rush around without a thought to those who are unsteady on their feet? A little decorum please people now we are grown-ups we do know that a little respect both for the force of nature and for each other can go a long way.
I also agree that it is irking that despite previous experiences we can’t quite make our public services run as effciently in bad weather. I know that other countries do manage snow without grinding to a halt but I think you’ll find that actually the world hasn’t stopped where you are either. I think you might also agree that although we have regular cold snaps they are not actually frequent enough for you the taxpayer to put in place *that many* extra schemes ‘just in case’. Wouldn’t you rather your money made sure that Granny’s winter fuel allowance was sufficient than paid for 4x4s in London Town to make sure that everyone got to work .. just how much more tax will you pay?

Just be a little realistic folks and wrap up warm.

Any Thoughts?

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