So one of the goals for this year was to try and make a real effort to grow some of our own vegetables.
In the past the wife and I had an allotment but the combination of distance to travel with an unhealthy dose of depressive anti-socialism meant our dedication slipped and returns were low. In the end when we moved into our first home and got a patch of soil of our own it seemed fairer to relinquish the plot to those on the waiting-list. Since moving-in it has take some time to get the garden to the point where anything could be grown but this year I am hopeful.
Last summer we dug out the concrete and paving slabs and then made decking and a water feature, in the autumn we made raised beds and now, partly courtesy of a christmas present from my parents, have filled them with soil..

So this week early potatoes can go in and we can get going with indoor sown seedlings like chilli peppers..
I’m looking forward to it.

Wish us Luck


Any Thoughts?

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