A Few of my Favourite Things: Sleep

I really like sleeping and I like being in bed..There is nowhere as warm and safe, nowhere else where obligations are put aside and nowhere quite as intimate.

I also really like that glorious feeling of waking up and knowing that you can turn over and sleep a few more hours, a feeling only made better by knowing that someone else has to get up and go to work.. I do feel guilty about those smug moments where I stretch out into the space vacated my sleeping companion comforted by my extra time and space but that isn’t going to stop me enjoying it as much as I can.
In part this arises because I have a different sleep pattern to my loves and in part because I find it very difficult to fall asleep when someone is awake beside me (constantly listening to check other person is still breathing, irritated by every move and yet tossing and turning self-consciously etc etc)and this means I often wait until my beloved has drifted off before slipping into bed; it often means missing out on dozy pillow talk- which I find best made up for in afternoon nookie, however it does lead to another of my favourite things about bed – curling in next to a warm companion. I don’t think I can do justice to that beautiful moment of safety and comfort of feeling the soft warm skin of a lover and the rise and fall of steady sleepy breathing. Plus, for some reason, bed always brings out the most delicious smells – like a mother tells you her baby’s head smells like home a lover smells like a dream you didn’t know you wanted to come true.

On the other hand having commented that I don’t like to try and sleep when I’m next to someone awake I have to admit to two exceptions: waking up in the morning and dozing off again and post-sex.

So anyway I like Sleeping

Any Thoughts?

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