El Dorado Rum and Beer

Another Sunday another drinking session..

This week we learnt about Guyana and demerera rum.
I have developed even more of a longing to go to South America – and guyana: rum, cricket, pretty girls..what’s not to like? Sometimes I wish I had any talent with taste mixing or the balls to work as spirit rep.
El Dorado is an interesting distillery and its own rum has a pleasing amount of variety (ask the rep Steph about the variety of stills they have for making the different age signatures) and depth. I think I will always consider it a little sweet for my taste, although perhaps that is more to do with the fact my heart still belongs to whisky than a critique of the rum. Sorry folks, my mental tasting notes are pretty slim on these ones.. I can tell you that the 3 year-old (which is a white) is surprisingly complex and doesn’t burn the throat; and that the 8 and the 15 both have a distinctive vanilla and coffee warmth.

In other news, next month it will be my turn. I will be giving a talk on ale. At the moment I am trying to draw up a list of must-trys and would-like-to-show-off beers. (any suggestions?) In part it is a matter of working out how much beer non-specialists will drink and what expectations they might have … It is also a matter of trying to work out what free stuff I can get my hands on.


Any Thoughts?

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