Practicing Prioritising

This week has been mostly about juggling.
The ususal timetable that makes sure my boy and girl both get some special time with me, that I get some alone time, research is done and both houses get cleaned went out the window from the beginning. It turned out that the B had to work away from home for a couple of days and W has gone to a conference – luckily for me these happen to have fallen at opposite ends of the week so I don’t have to spend evenings alone. Generally this would be manageable but I also needed to visit my cousin and this weekend is all about the friends coming down to give the pub that made us family a send-off. Plus next week I am taking the boy away for his birthday and then its Easter and then its that conference I haven’t written a paper for.  – is this the biggest challenge of having two lovers, making enough time for everybody?

So now I need to decide what has to be done before I head to work tonight (bearing in mind it will be my last chance to do anything useful til…sunday evening at best).
Tidy rooms for people to sleep in (think the one in my wife and I’s house is nearly there – but B’s is still a bit of a bombsite); do laundry to take away; finish conference slides; get the chapter I’m working on to where I’m ready to send it to my 2nd supervisor (which I am determined to do before I head off next week) and try to think of all the things I have forgotten. [this is before I try to work out what I need to do next say write the paper, prepare a shopping list and pack 2 sets of bags..]

What do you do when you are faced with everything happening at once?
Procrastinate by writing a blog post?

Any Thoughts?

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