Working hard at a party at the pub when kerclunk crunch-my knee went pop and the world tried to go black. Its a long time now since I twisted my knee and I thought it was starting to get stronger
Today however I can’t really walk and I am busy re-inventing my definitions of pain and discomfort. My knee won’t straighten but it is barely swollen . I can hardly walk but on the other hand I can get around the house. At a guess I have torn the meniscus (or perhaps one of the cruciates), hopefully it will basically repair itself in time.

Although yesterday at the party I made sure that I didn’t just wuss out and tried to be useful without getting in the way – a task I’m not convinced that I succeeded in – I was accused of being a stubborn fool after all; today I have made an effort to rest and elevate, ice and warm and take anti-inflammatories but I am still stiff and trying to put my leg up means that my hips and shoulders are seizing more than usual. It is difficult to manage the ordinary pain whilst coping with the unusual.

I hurt.
The answer I think must be sleep.

Any Thoughts?

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