April showers and May sunshine?

It was a very wet few weeks in my neck of the woods.. the wettest April for a long time and a pretty soggy start to May but I think summer is settling in.
I think I mentioned that with reference to the beer festival but it is also true that its made a world of difference to our garden.

Sadly not all of our seedlings have survived to this point – the basil required more tenderness than our slightly disorganised lifestyle could manage and the chilli just seemed to want either more warmth or moisture than we gave it (although we are still coaxing the last tiny seedling along). On the other hand plenty of tomato seedlings have lived to make the move to gro bags and maybe Basil (mk II) will survive..

Unsurprisingly the potatoes have adored the rain and their bold shapes have made our garden amazingly green. I am also really pleased that the pear tree and the gooseberry bush have settled well into their new homes despite the trauma of being moved from the allotment – no flowers on the gooseberry yet (I suspect we won’t see any this year) but the beginnings of fruits on the pear. A solitary raspberry cane that survived the move has also both added a junior and is starting to show buds.

However, it is these last few days of sunshine and warmth that have really seen the new growth – a bed that had just been showing a burst of salad onions now has Cos growing in it, spinach is springing up so fast we may have to thin it sooner than I expected. Borage and peas are beginning to poke their heads up and our strawberries are starting to have their first flowers.

From the concrete wasteland we inheirited I am immensely proud to be growing fruit and herbs and veg for our family. Maybe this year we won’t have much of a harvest but we are still very much amateurs with I hope many years to practice.


Any Thoughts?

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