Dancing in My Living Room

I am fundamentally lazy.
As a youngster I perfected a Rincewindian analysis of the most efficient way of processing tasks – the art of balancing, for example, whilst moving the contents of say a bookcase upstairs how to take the minimum number of trips without exhausting oneself by carrying too much at any one time or precisely how long it was possible to stay in bed without having to then run to get to school on time. It is an art form.
It also makes exercise and losing weight an anathema.

I used to be a fit person by default; horse-riding, walking, drama, active life-style…but years of depression, anxiety, joint trouble and sitting at a computer screen doing research have eroded my ability to get up and out, piled on the pounds and left me uncomfortable in my own skin.
So since eating less isn’t entirely the answer I am trying to think of ways to incorporate exercise into my days which in part involves re-arranging my world-view and in part involves massive amounts of will-power (seriously lacking).
My default option of walking further is letting me down in part due to my failure to go to town except for specific non-negotiables (like work or counselling) and in part due to current knee troubles. Getting a good cardio work-out through sex is apparently not sufficient and my physio stretches seem to be uninspiring so my plan is dancing in the living room. I am hoping that the right music will in itself get me going without the horror of leaving the building or depressing regimen of set moves.

Just another stone and a half to go…


Any Thoughts?

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