Chapter 2: the rewrite

So in lieu of ever finishing the godsforsaken first chapter I have commenced my 2nd chapter edits.
Having been driven completely crazy by trying to make a methodology section sound less than idiotic I have decided to give it a break. I sent L a copy of my current draft and switched to rewriting no 2. My second chapter is the most straightforwardly classics based one and therefore simultaneously the easiest to do and to research and the one I am most concerned people will notice I am crap – after all it is the area I am technically trained in.
Nonetheless redoing my introduction to the chapter has been easier than I thought it would be. I have both found consolidating references straightforward but actually have a clear plan of what does and doesn’t need to be in the overview (which of course I stand ready to be corrected on). … So, in case you might think I was sounding optimistic, I am nearly ready to move on to my substantive analysis. It is nearly complete – and I think the text doesn’t require much reworking except.. I have barely written the Strabo section and my original plan was to include Caesar but I have nothing on his work at all. Eeek.

I need to make sure my work is up-to-date and make those notes into actual text. maybe 2 weeks isn’t quite enough time!!!!


Any Thoughts?

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