It is all about the Dog

Except when its about the thesis.

Introducing Rory:
Our boy is home now. We have spent the last few days trying to help him settle in to his new surroundings and get used to our ‘routine’ such as it is. I am very pleased, to be honest, with how calm he has been and how easily he has accepted the rules we have set. We are going to need to do some more work on his attitude to other dogs, cats and prams in the street and he is still very unfit. On the other hand he has learnt to respond to his name, will sit on command, goes into the utility room for his food and doesn’t bark very much.I am very pleased to have him in our family.
In fact the only problem I have with our dog is W. Bless her heart but she is already over-protective of his every ailment and anxious about getting her approach and care wrong and I don’t know how to reassure her. I hoped he would be a furry, snuggly companion for her and I don’t want him to be an added source of stress. So far I am coping with early morning walks and hope that they will inspire me to get up a bit earlier (rather than going back to bed) perhaps W will find the extra walking, fresh air and enforced breaks, relaxing…

So finally on the subject of relaxing: The days are moving too fast! I am never going to get all this re-writing and editing done in time. I am still having trouble with ‘good enough’ and have you ever noticed that you can never find a source for that thing that everyone knows? I must go back to feverishly writing!!!


Any Thoughts?

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