Structure and Supervision

You know how I said I’m getting a little obsessive about my thesis..
I only have a few months left and its getting tense – especially since I have already got a lot of plans for the summer.
The next couple of months include a knee operation, a trip to Italy, visiting the in-laws and time with my beloveds in Scotland but I also need to complete and edit 3 chapters of thesis.

Today I went to visit my supervisor to get a little reassurance. She was calm and positive (both things increasingly escaping me) and reminded me that I need to out aside my perfectionist streak in favour of getting it done. [I know in my heart that my thesis is better than some who pass- and yet I see the publications of oxbridge scholarship students and whimper in my ineptitude]
Overall the comments included a discussion of my elusive methodology section (quit generalising, get specific and keep it short) and some thoughts about examiners (there is no one who actually knows the topic so you have to make some guesses – we have some ideas…).

Anyhow, my point is to maintain what fragile grip I have on my sanity I am trying to draw up a plan of action that covers everything from dog-walking, through page-by-page rewrites to time spent with my loves. I need a new diary and I need some serious self-discipline – good thing my sleep is screwed then?


2 thoughts on “Structure and Supervision

  1. Your sleep is definitely screwed! However, I am sure that you will do fine! Please keep us updated on your progress. What is your thesis about? Can you tell us?

    • Thanks for the positive thinking!
      My thesis is on the use of Classical Texts (Ancient Greek and Latin) by local historians – it aims to show the ways that ancient texts were manipulated to make them fit to a specific agenda.
      There is a little more information about it under the Research Tab on my Home Page
      Take Care and Good Luck Yourself

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