On Knees

Or not ON them.. for a while.
Currently revelling in post-surgery laziness. and fretting already.

I am acutely aware of having been poked and prodded and torn and more than a little bit relieved that they were able to find something and I hadn’t been making up my limp and inability to straighten my leg  (although I am little saddened by not having a piece of cartilege to take home). The pain is more manageable than I could have hoped for and already I can feel that there is more movement despite the bandages and swelling. The pics dont show any arthritis either, which is pleasant though surprising.

I am terrified about the physio exercises though, what if i do them wrong, what if i dont do enough? I am notoriously un-dedicated to taking care of myself and there are so many.

wish me lots of luck and send me lots of nagging



Any Thoughts?

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