Disorderly Chickadee

I have had Imposter Syndrome for years, but I’m happy to report that I’m getting over it, bit by bit.

Imposter Syndrome isn’t in the DSM, and it’s not considered a mental illness. Nonetheless, it represents a very real cognitive bias and can be a truly anguishing condition. It’s been noted as particularly common among high-achievers, especially in academia, and even more so among grad students. My self-confidence problems are not just due to the depression. It’s also this horrible sense that I can’t keep up and never should have started down this road, regardless of the mountain of evidence to the contrary. I have absolutely no reason to believe that I’m anything other than awesome. But.

I have a hard time acknowledging my own accomplishments, which also leads to problems accepting praise. But the issue runs deeper than that. It causes anxiety over being “found out”…

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