PostGrad Confessions

I am not a model grad student. I don’t expect to be, but some of my short-comings I feel guilty about…
Therefore in no particular order:

  • I have never been to the British Library
  • I have never been into the Bodleian                                                                               (despite both being within an hour’s journey and actually having a Bod Card)
  • I have never been to my home institution’s archive reading rooms (in my defence it is 3hrs away)
  • I am still a little unclear on the correct citation format for newspapers (in my discipline)
  • I do not and have never sat down for regular 8 hour days of research and writing
  • I regularly use google for my research (both Google Books and Google scholar) and spend about half of that time cursing its ability to find what I want but not let me read it.
  • I find it terribly hard to get rid of things that I have written

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