Gonna go watch some Equestrian events tomorrow!

I decided way back months ago that as my birthday present to myself I would take my sweeties to go watch some of the paralympics. [I wanted to take them to the Olympics too but finances combined with the fact smother-visiting would have meant that only B could go made that not an option]. I bought the tickets but they have to watch what I wanted to see (and could afford) – so Horses and Fencing it is.

I’m actually really excited, far more than I was when I went to see the kayaking with my Dad. I think its the combination of being with 2 people who don’t mind if I’m over-excited AND don’t mind if I get bored and need to wander off. Plus it helps that its an area I kinda of understand {mind you its been 10yrs since I rode 😦 )but at the same time can’t quite imagine the challenges and know I just couldn’t get the horse to obey me that well. I think its freestyle which means we get some good personal touches in the routines too.


Hope that thesis guilt isnt too overwhelming and that no-one has an emotional breakdown. (not sure either of those are achieveable but a girl has to have goals)
Also it’d be nice if it was sunny but not scorching…weather gods if you are listening..

p.s. Joined Twitter (procrastinated alot) @byghan

3 thoughts on “Paralympics

    • It was fabulous. Really complex and considered – I have no concept of the level of training it takes to persuade a horse to move in so many ways without full control of your limbs and body-weight especially if you also suffer balance problems. Deeply impressive.

      • I can imagine! I took riding for a few years when I was younger…and I had difficulty just getting on the horse! I think it’s really impressive of these paralympians! They certainly have the determination and motivation to do anything!

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