Memo: These are thoughts that need my attention – and also that of my wife.

Feminist Philosophers

I’ve long been interested in the connections between online learning and feminist pedagogy. A few years ago I taught an online course and was struck by how much more women participated than in my in-person classes. I’ve also a got a few young women in my life who really love online courses. And I’ve been interested in the statistics on participation in university by traditionally excluded groups, single mothers for example, when learning online is an option. A friend recently brought this article to my attention, “Bodies in Classrooms: Feminist Dialogues on Technology, Part I,” by Liz Losh. Part Two is here.

Next year, over a hundred feminist scholars are slated to teach a new kind of online course—the first “MDCLE” or “massively distributed collaborative learning experiment”—tentatively titled “Feminist Dialogues on Technology.” Drawing on the model of the “MOOC,” or the massively open online course, like the artificial intelligence…

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