World Mental Health Day

..well I couldn’t let it pass without comment.

In keeping with the idea of promoting Wellbeing (as the mental health services at university are keen to), to mark the day I am going to make 2 lists of 5 Good things that will pick me up when I am low -and this is harder than it sounds.

Things that make me Happy:

  1. Long tight hugs from the people I love
  2. The sound of the Atlantic rolling and crashing on the shore
  3. Coffee and bacon sandwiches in bed
  4. The sensation of the rise and fall of the chest of a sleeping pet curled beside me
  5. Hearing very small children (and my sweethearts) laugh

Things I am proud of:

  1. Being Loved – being enough of a person for people I love and respect to continue to choose to have me in their lives; Having the chance to formally and publically offer my whole life to my wife…
  2. Accepting that I needed to take time out of my PhD to work on my health, taking the time to ask for help
  3. Not giving up when the altitude sickness set in on Kilimanjaro. Slogging through seemingly sheer scree in the cold dark pre-dawn feeling dizzy and in pain to see the sunrise across a glacier above a whole continent..(its remarkably like battling depression..)
  4. My ability to deal with other people’s crises and/or threats of violence with calm
  5. Getting out of bed & leaving the house 3 or more times a week – it just ain’t as easy as it looks folks

Take care all



Any Thoughts?

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