Definitely not Thesis-related..

Currently finding it extremely difficult to think of anything to write about that isn’t my research… or more specifically the delights of editing my thesis.

I am doing non-PhD stuff. I go to work (and take my computer so I can still do editing); I have done some drinking.. I sleep, I have sex, I eat – those are all good non-thesis related activities right? [I also appear to read blogs and burble incoherently online – these I think are less good non-thesis activities]
I don’t think I have any way of explaining to those outside of academia how this can take over your life. I owe it to the people who care about me to continue with my daily tasks: working, making packed lunches, doing the laundry.. but everything that I do outside of staring at my own words on a screen feels like procrastination and I feel the chances of me submitting this month slipping away from me. It seems so hopeless.

So I must think happy thoughts. Currently about sleep, which, if done right, is a non-thesis related activity

Any Thoughts?

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