Resolutions old and new

It has got to the time of year where one traditionally assesses the progress of the last 12 months and sets out ones plans for the next 12 months.
Its a somewhat depressing tradition for those of us not inclined to make the newspapers with our epic adventures and financial gains; but it does help put some perspective and motivation to the whole time-passing malarky

So how were my 2012 goals?

  • Lose 1-2 Stone (I want to be get down to about 11)
    This has been my biggest failure I am still 13st and I can’t seem to drop into the 12s for more than a week. I have been watching my diet and dog-walking is increasing my exercise but its not enough so guess what will still be on next years list?
  • Create (and stick-to @ least 4 days a week) a daily exercise routine that incorporates both shoulder physio and some muscle toning (pilates/yoga & weights?)
    fail 😦  I think both pain and PhD made my resolve rather weak- But I did do some exercise and I will have a blogged plan by the end of next week!
  • Walk at least either 1 Munro or 1 Alpine 4000;
    Rah! 1 Munro done, I re-walked my 1st ever top with B & W a few weeks after my op. Win
  • Submit!
    I actually did it… now to go through the viva and editing process.
  • Write, deliver & publish my conference paper
    I wrote and gave the conference paper but never actually achieved publication.. I will damn well publish something in 2013 though
  • Commit to another round of counselling (as booked through Talking Therapies) and/or psychiatrist
    I did do another state-sponsored round of therapy (trad. counselling) and he recommended long-term psychotherapy which I declined on the basis of not trying to do in depth psych work and write a PhD but I’m not sure how I now feel about my mental health..
  • Take 1 week off each with W & B and ideally 1 week with both together
    Week in Malta with W in Jan, a couple of days in Cornwall with B and a couple with W in April, a week with W’s parents, a week for the 3 of us in Scotland in August and a week in Cornwall in November with B. Tick v.g.
  • Get my F***ing sleep pattern under control.
    Yeah not so much
  • Make sure my weekly time routine is balanced for all involved
    This goal was too vague to measure but I kinda hope it worked out
  • Puppy!
    Welcome Rory!
  • Actually successfully grow some vegetables…
    Potatoes done, spring onions done, spinach done, strawberries and raspberries also harvested… winter veg not quite so well reorganised
  • Finish the painting
    Hmmm, ever notice how the more you do the more you find? 2/3rds done?
  • Celebrate mine & W’s 10th Anniversary
    Fraoch ftw. Wish I could have made it more special though

Resolutions 2013

  • Weight – 12 stone… I want to be less but a girl needs to be realistic.
  • Exercise – 5x brisk 20 min walks/ week; 1x 30 mins swimming/week; 20 sit-ups 6x/week; 5mins shoulder stretches everyday & 5 mins knee stretches everyday
  • Mindfulness – restart some meditation practices
  • Housework – This will also involve a schedule, scrubbing & hoovering
  • Conferences & Publication – I have 2 papers accepted at conferences (one of which or an amalgam of the both might be publishable) and I hope 2 papers can be pulled out of my thesis even prior to its full completion… then afterwards maybe a monograph proposal.
  • Job – I have to start hunting in earnest… I want to apply for at least one job per month and ideally more and I want to find out if my thoughts about running a pub are actually viable
  • Holidays – At least 1 new Munro (with B?) & 1 city-break with W
  • Irish – Start learning to speak it..

I also want to continue growing the vegetables, decorating the house and making my beloveds smile…
Lets see how it goes.


Any Thoughts?

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