The Other Christmas

6th of January – traditionally the very end of the christmas season; but for W & I this year (as several times in the past) it has been our day of festivities.
We had breakfast in bed, opened presents and had a big dinner before topping the day off with Alan Turing Monopoly with B.

Its not a grand affair, we didn’t even have decorations up, but its important. Its important that we get to spend a holiday together.. to be a family apart from our parents. Not every family has the opportunity that we have to contemplate and act on the need we have to be with each other and actively spend time appreciating what we can share. I feel strongly that its important that we choose our family holidays and that we spend a bit of time relaxing and enjoying ourselves – I am glad that the way we do our ‘christmas’ is about fun and not about the right things to do and I am glad I get to spend time and make memories with all my family, especially as I think of all the many people I know who work over festive periods or can’t be with the people they love for all sorts of reasons such as health and money. We are lucky not to be tied to a day so much as tied to each other.


Any Thoughts?

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