Scholarly dithering

My academic goals for this year are: the full completition of my thesis (here’s hoping the viva goes well and the revisions are minimal) and its acceptance, at least in principle, with a publisher; at least the successful delivery of the 2 conference papers I have had accepted and 2 or 3 journal articles at least under review.
However, I am at this stage horribly uncertain about which things to approach first.. my plan for the articles is to take one or two out of my thesis with moderately substantial rewriting to make them more focused [one from a specifically Cornish angle and one from a Classical Reception standpoint basically] and to make one or maybe two from the research I am doing for the conference papers (which are overlapping but not the same).

My problem is this.. do I knuckle down to first re-writes of parts of my thesis, knowing full well that real serious re-writing may be required to in fact pass my doctorate and that in beginning re-writes before I have my examiners feedback might make me less confident but knowing that the material is comparatively fresh in my mind? Or do I throw myself into new research and writing conference papers with a firm eye on the publication potential of the work and use that to fill me with fresh confidence and enthusiasm about the process of research when I have been so busy writing for so long now but risk losing the detail of the knowledge I built up in my thesis research?The truth, I guess, is that it matters almost not at all as long as I do something and don’t let my mind atrophy through the process of job applications.

Any Thoughts?

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