Job Hunting

Job-hunting is like losing weight.
Its slow, demoralising and everyone thinks its their business to offer you advice.

What do you say when someone asks you what sort of jobs you are looking at? Is it still socially unacceptable for someone in my position (i.e. with a ‘good’ degree and a partner earning money) to say “Any that will take me as long as they pay me more than I get right now”?
I have been working on my doctorate for many years now, but (as I have said before) I am unlikely to take an academic job. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t choose something related to my research, just that I’m realistic about the number of jobs available for someone with my specialisms (0). I am also realistic that the number of jobs in heritage and research are vanishingly small in a recession.
What is becoming even more apparent is that many of the jobs that sound interesting to me I am woefully under-qualified for… largely because I don’t have vast amounts of experience either in using various types of specialist computer programmes/coding or because I have never worked as a project-manager or even in a bloody office. It seems in order to get any of the jobs I want I would have to already being doing the job.
The alternative (i.e. the job I am in fact doing) on the other hand requires me to have money that I don’t have.

So the answer is still.. what are you offering?


Any Thoughts?

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