Home Again and back to uni?

So B & I are back from our impromptu holiday, safe and a little weary.
I am filled with the uneven feelings of joy at our spontaneity – something easier with B who doesn’t have W’s family anxieties – and irritation at a lack of achieving – which is entirely to do with a need for personal achievement. We did a little walking, though it was mostly low level, and sadly discovered just how unfit I am. (ugh – having some body dislike issues at the mo which don’t need to be dragged out) but didn’t see as much of that part of the world as I would have liked.

Have had several other important and relevant thoughts which somewhat escape me except the key fact that I am damn glad that I have not just sat my a-levels; cos clearing was humiliating and painful back in the days when university was a privilege not a government-mandated necessity I cannot imagine how terrifying it is to be leaving school in 2011.