Shoulder Op

So the other day they went ahead and cut some holes in my shoulder and shaved a little bone out in order to give it more space to move. (Arthroscopic subacromial decompression & ACJ excision arthoplasty -if you are interested)
So now I am ambling round in a painkiller haze and trying to force my poor body to do the physio – it is not co-operating.

Firstly, the wounds are still slightly oozy – apparently they inject extra fluid to make things easier to see (and I think anti-coagulants) which means that my dressings require careful attention. Also it turns out that instead of making my shoulder not hurt, codeine makes me sleepy, cranky, weepy and yet oddly emotionally detached from the pain.
The problem with the fact that I am still in pain is that every one of the 5 different exercises that I am supposed to do 4 times a day is a mental battle where every instinct tells me not to force my body that high up the pain scale and I am drained from the effort.

I have other things to do at the moment godsdammit!

On Knees

Or not ON them.. for a while.
Currently revelling in post-surgery laziness. and fretting already.

I am acutely aware of having been poked and prodded and torn and more than a little bit relieved that they were able to find something and I hadn’t been making up my limp and inability to straighten my legĀ  (although I am little saddened by not having a piece of cartilege to take home). The pain is more manageable than I could have hoped for and already I can feel that there is more movement despite the bandages and swelling. The pics dont show any arthritis either, which is pleasant though surprising.

I am terrified about the physio exercises though, what if i do them wrong, what if i dont do enough? I am notoriously un-dedicated to taking care of myself and there are so many.

wish me lots of luck and send me lots of nagging