Alongside my daily life working in a pub I completed a PhD thesis in Classics and Cornish Studies.

Although I have formal pages for broadcasting my polished research and publishing my profile these pages are for talking about my experience of being a researcher and new ideas.

There are a lot of things to talk about.. Skills workshops and writing tools, chapter organisation and note-taking, supervisors and reviews…. publishing, editing and conference attendance.
After a BA and a taught MA, I started on my Doctorate full-time but the combination of working to help support my studies and my health difficulties led to a period of interruption, after which I returned part-time with the support of Disability Services and eventually completed it after just over 6 years.
As a distance learner I have learnt a thing or two about using internet archives and unusual libraries, travelling to meet your supervisors and viva via skype…

Since then I have given a handful of conference papers and am working on publications.

Comments on any area encouraged.

Dabbling in Academia

Any Thoughts?

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