Deadlines Panic

July 19th 2011

In a bit of a flap.

Just got a letter from the University saying that my current expected submission date isn’t suitable and needs to be a YEAR earlier.

I have 3 letters with three different submission dates on them based on my initial full-time study, then full-time study after my interruption and then part-time study after said interruption. I was working with the last, I thought most accurately fitting my circumstances, and most recently dated one..until today.

Have e-mailed my supervisor (the one who is not retiring) and asked for advice, but aaaargh, I can’t make that work.

Really hoping this is a paperwork error somewhere else I have spent a lot of money on something I might not get a chance to finish.
It seems that there has been a change in the policy (read administrative jiggery-pokery) which as far as I can work out means that the new date is my ‘target’ and that after that I will need to have had my Viva by the later (original?) date.

My supervisor has been a darling and resolved to sort out the admin side of things and help me flesh out a plan of action that will satisfy their needs and get me to the point of finishing.

Am working on not panicking and getting work done.

Any Thoughts?

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