Cast List

Who’s Who?

In all good sagas there must a selection of characters of moral uncertainty and dramatic action; this is a quick crib sheet of the principal actors in my life.

  • W – My beloved wife/civil partner. A lecturer
  • B – My ‘husband’. An engineer. Lives down the road
  • Small – Our child. Born 2015 raised by the 3 of us.
  • Rory – Elderly Black Labrador Cross. Lived with W & I (now deceased)
  • Smother – W’s mother
  • K – My biological younger sister. Wanderer and Teacher
  • S – B’s biological younger brother.
  • Various other family members – Incl. but not limited to:
    Travelling Mat (B’s quasi adopted brother)
    The sailor & The Dr (my step-siblings)
  • Kitten – My ‘other baby sister’, erstwhile Boss at the Pub & current pub sidekick
    (And Mr.C – her husband)
  • Sleepy – A Friend [communications engineer & mental health patient]
  • Magpie – Eng. lit. grad, former co-worker & now Cambodian viking-at-leisure
  • L – PhD Supervisor #1 (specialises in Ancient historiography)
  • Misc. –  Customers & sundry troublesome beings
  • To be Continued…

About Me?
I was born whilst Margaret Thatcher was on her throne and raised principally in a beautifully bleak rural idyll by middle-class parents with love and hope. Somewhat shaken by the expectations and vagaries of my life (or else unlucky in the area of brain chemical distribution) I slipped into a variety of melancholies somewhere around 15 and haven’t quite rebalanced yet.
I briefly flirted with becoming a professional student and wrote a doctorate in Classics to prove it but realising I was unsuited to academic administration I have accepted Fate has directed me down the path of the Publican.
I am attracted to a wide-range of gender presentations, sexual flavours and intellectual skills but am happily committed to my 2 darling partners and don’t have the time to take you up on your offer. In fact I barely divide my time between entertaining a baby, housework, making love, serving beer and stopping my intellect from atrophying as it is.


Any Thoughts?

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